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What is the purpose of penetration test?

What penetration testing is and does:

Assessing your organisation’s cyber security requirements

Customizing penetration testing for your business

  • Which types of dangers cause you the most concern?
  • Are there special compliance requirements based on the work you perform and the data you manage?
  • What degree of data protection do you require?
  • What risks are inherent to the nature of your business?

Determining your organisation’s cyber security objectives

  • Objective: Determine if your external controls adequately mitigate risk and keep out bad actors. Method: Tailor assaults to the weaknesses of specific controllers.
  • Objective: Evaluate your complete attack surface and find any vulnerabilities in equipment that face the outside. You need to establish whether or not your computer systems are secure, even if an attacker breaches the firewall. Method: Target flaws that are prevalent in desktop and mobile devices. This may necessitate allowing testers to breach the firewall.
  • Objective: Evaluate the judgment of users in their responses to fraudulent emails and other forms of communication. This is a test of individuals, not technology. Method: To circumvent physical protection, send customized phishing messages, make phone calls, and maybe make in-person visits.
  • Objective: Evaluate the effectiveness of the security strategy to see if its specified measures create an effective defense when followed. Method: Examine the security policy, search for vulnerabilities, and design tactics to exploit them.

The main objective of a penetration test

  • The effectiveness of the security policy of an organization. It may have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers when employees follow the rules. In other instances, employees may not comprehend the policy adequately. You may discover that your company has to change its policy or enhance its training program.
  • Compliance with regulatory standards. Specific sorts of safeguards are required by HIPAA and PCI, among other regulations and standards. Infractions may result in hefty fines or the loss of business privileges and possibilities. A penetration test can assist in determining whether the protections are in place and functioning properly.
  • Employee security consciousness. Some experiments examine employee responses to phishing and social engineering. They can demonstrate the effectiveness of training and identify employees who require extra reminders. The examinations may show areas that the instruction did not cover.
  • Incident response efficacy. Even in well-protected workplaces, security incidents will occur. It is essential to evaluate how successfully IT and security employees react to them. This strategy is most effective when those handling the situation do not know whether it is a test or an actual attack.

Reporting pen testing results

Case study 1: The need to conduct a periodic security review by Audio House

Case study 2: Quoine’s breach of the Data Protection Obligations



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