The Ninja Sensei’s Logbook: Why You Should Anonymise Data

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2 min readJun 13, 2022


Why you should anonymise data
Data anonymisation is a way to protect the personal data in your possession.

We already know through the published monthly PDPC decisions that organisations must uphold the highest standard of care when it comes to handling personal data. The benefits of doing so include:

☑️ Building trustworthiness among your customers and stakeholders, and
☑️ Avoiding business disruptions and hefty financial penalties

The PDPC has always taken data breaches seriously. It even penalised organisations simply because an employee sent an email to the wrong recipient. Yikes!

There are many ways to protect the personal data in your organisation’s management, one of which is through the process of anonymisation.

What is anonymisation, you ask?

Anonymisation refers to converting personal data into data that cannot be used to identify any individual. The personal data no longer belongs to a certain individual and cannot be attributed to anyone. This method is used if the dataset still brings business value even without the need to link that data to its owners.

But, what does it mean for the organisation?

The PDPA only applies to breaches of personal data. This means that when there is the incident of a breach with this anonymised data, the organisation cannot be liable for such a breach and will not be imposed a financial penalty.

👉 Free tool from the PDPC

The PDPC provided a free data anonymisation tool for organisations to use. This tool transforms simple datasets by applying anonymisation techniques. Organisations can freely download the file here! ▶️

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