The Ninja Sensei’s Logbook: No Compromise for Compromise Assessment

Bad actors lurk and wait for the perfect moment to unleash their unhinged well-thought-out attacks. They work in stealth mode, seeking possible vulnerabilities they can exploit and start their journey towards compromise.

There could be no telling at its face if such bad actors are already exploiting a vulnerability in an organisation’s system. Usually, the organisation does not even know that it is already breached.

With this, it is essential to know in great detail whether bad actors are already residing within your system, and this can be done through a compromise assessment.

What is Compromise Assessment, you ask?

Compromise Assessment is a security assessment that analyses multiple security measures to answer the key company security operational question, “Are we breached?”

It performs a high-level review and audit of the organisation’s networks, applications, infrastructures, and endpoints based on suspicious user behaviours, logs, compliance policies, Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), or any evidence of malicious activity to identify attackers active in the current environment or the past.

In short, it checks if there are and were any unauthorised visits and suspicious activities serving as warning signs for a weak cybersecurity posture of an organisation.

Want to check if your organisation has been breached? Privacy Ninja can help!

Aside from your Vulnerability Assessment needs, Privacy Ninja also offers Compromise Assessments for organisations.

Privacy Ninja helps organisations assess their cybersecurity posture and provide a detailed assessment of whether there are any malicious activities within their systems or whether there is already a history of unauthorised access before, which is believed to be by a bad actor.

Check out this page for more details ▶️

P.S. Got questions or do you need help with your cybersecurity and data protection compliance journey? don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always a text/call or email away!

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