The Ninja Sensei’s Logbook: Browser-in-the-Browser Attack

The Ninja Sensei’s Logbook

Andy Prakash, CEO and Director of Privacy Ninja, shares his thoughts on LinkedIn, a weekly series of all things cybersecurity and data protection. This is his first entry.

A new kind of phishing scam has surfaced called browser-in-the browser-attack (BitB), and businesses should take notice. It is said that this type of scam can deceive even experts as it copies a legitimate browser to get the user’s sensitive information. With this, every organization’s cybersecurity should be heightened, especially for SMEs. Our team wrote about it here.

This is why it’s important to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to oversee the cybersecurity hygiene of every Organization (this includes MCSTs, non-profit societies, startups, and SMEs). Your DPO also work with your team to ensure they are cyber aware and are updated with the latest cybersecurity trends.

For Singapore organizations, note that it is mandatory to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Failure to do so is an offence and is chargeable under the PDPA laws.

Cybersecurity tip: Last March 31st was World Backup Day! Make sure to back up your important files on a regular basis so that your data is protected against theft or loss.

Milestones: In the first quarter of the year, Privacy Ninja is ecstatic to onboard 30 new organizations who are kicking off their data protection compliance with us! We also welcome new partners who are working side-by-side with us to help more organizations in Singapore take a step toward full PDPA compliance. We can’t thank you enough!

P.S. For any further questions or if you need help with your cybersecurity and data protection compliance journey, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always a text/call or email away!

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