The Ninja Sensei’s Logbook: All Tracker Eyes On You

Privacy Ninja’s All Tracker Eyes On You

With the passing of the global pandemic, we saw many businesses go digital to rapidly adapt to the landscape.

This abrupt but necessary move exposed many organisations — even those in Singapore — to the rise of cyber attacks and crimes. It also highlighted how unprepared many businesses were to operate virtually under the circumstances.

The trackers are in town

With business continuity on the line, countless organisations were driven to opt for a work-from-home setup for their employees. Obviously, this has muddled the line between personal and work, giving threat actors better odds of infiltrating an organisation through their employees. With employees being the weakest link to an organisation’s cybersecurity, a simple compromise of their phones or gadgets could also compromise their work accounts.

In other words, bad actors are lurking and waiting for the right opportunity to attack by preying on employees or individuals and tracking their every move.

Singaporeans are currently confronting this problem given that they have the second biggest number of trackers per site, following them online.

Trackers can get information about your browsing habits (like what websites you go to and what links you click on), your I.P. address, and even personal information (like your email address). Some website owners might make money by selling the information they gather to advertisers, marketers, government agencies, and private companies.

Moreover, cybercriminals can obtain this information and use it to create a phishing attack by crafting a highly personalised and credible message.

How can you protect yourself from these trackers?

HTTP cookies are a crucial aspect of web browsing since they enable web developers to provide consumers with a more personalised, easy website experience. They can, however, be a goldmine of private information for crooks to snoop on.

To limit which cookies are stored on your devices, you can:

✔️ Navigate to the Settings, Privacy area, which is frequently referred to as Tools, Internet Options, or Advanced.

✔️ Manage or remove cookies by following the advice on the available options.

✔️ Enlist the assistance of certain internet security software to eradicate tracking cookie infestations and more harmful varieties.

Alternatively, there are privacy phones in the market (such as Privacy Ninja’s AntiHACK encrypted phone) that can completely eliminate all kinds of trackers. While this only works on the phone, it can greatly benefit businesses that manage highly sensitive data.

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