The 6 types of shredder security levels: Business Equipment

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Things you should consider in shredding important documents. Find out what are the shredder security levels.

The 6 Types of Shredder Security Levels: Advantage Business Equipment

While Privacy Ninja does not offer a paper shredding services, it emphasizes its importance under the lens of Personal Data Protection. This is because paper shredding is one of the most effective way of disposing documents containing personal data. As we all know, when data is breached due to such document, a financial penalty may be imposed by the PDPC.

The right shredding size

When choosing how to shred your documents, you will want to consider shred size. The size of the paper shreds affects information security and possibly the cost of your service. Paper shredders use a standard classification system of P2 through P7 to determine the security of the paper being shredded through the blades. Understanding the size of the shred is the most important factor in deciding which machine is right for your needs. The smallest cut size falls under level P7, while the largest size is level P2.

Strip-cut shredders, or P2 shredders, are the most productive, but they are also the least secure. Levels Ps and P4 are the most common for businesses or home use. They are HIPAA compliant and do a great job protecting private information. P6 and P7 shredders are required for government agencies to dispose of top-secret documents, but a P7 shredder is needed for the most demanding destruction of top-secret documents.

Which security level do you need for paper shredding?

When you are looking for a new shredder for home or at the office you often see the security level of a paper shredder. What does the security level mean and why is it important to pay attention to it when you are buying a new shredder machine? On this page, we explain the shredder security levels.

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Watch the video for more in depth information on the different shredding sizes available and what to expect when you shred your documents.

The 6 types of shredder security levels

1. Security Level P2

Designed for general shredding purposes

2. Security Level P3

Designed for confidential, commercial, corporate, and personal data. Most commonly used security level.

3. Security Level P4

Designed for shredding very sensitive and very confidential commercial corporate and/or personal data. The highest level of security is needed for commercial destruction.

4. Security Level P5

Designated secret/espionage proof. Standard European high-security shredder level.

5. Security Level P6

Designated the top-secret shredder level. Specially designed to meet the requirements of the Department of Defense (DOD/NSA) and the exacting standards of the U.S. Military, national security organizations, government agencies, and government contractors.

6. Security Level P7

Designated the highest top-secret security shredder level. Specially designed to meet the requirements of the Department of Defense (DOD/NSA) and the exacting standards of the CIA, U.S. Embassy, Top Secret U.S. Military Departments, national security organizations, government agencies, and government contractors.

Which paper shredder security level is the best shredder for you to buy? For destroying sensitive documents with personal information, medical information, financial information, or other confidential information, we recommend making use of a cross-cut shredder or a micro-cut shredder.

The necessity of a DPO

In disposing a sensitive document, a DPO is essential in setting up a policy to ensure its proper procedure and to eliminate a chance for such shredded document to be the reason for a data breach.

As the DPO is the officer who oversees the cybersecurity hygiene of the organization, appointing one is the best decision an organization could have to avoid penalties when data breach happens.

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