IT governance framework PDF best practices and guidelines

IT governance framework PDF best practices and guidelines

Why is it significant?

  • The demand for better return from IT governance framework PDF investments and concern over the generally increasing amount of expenditures
  • The need to meet regulatory requirements for controls in financial reporting and healthcare areas.
  • The selection of service providers and the management of service outsourcing and acquisition.

IT governance framework PDF best practices

  • Having complex IT-related risks, such as network security.
  • IT governance framework PDF help monitor and improve critical IT activities to increase business value and reduce business risk.
  • The need for enterprises to assess how they are performing against accepted standards and against their peers (benchmarking).

The guidelines for good IT governance framework PDF

  1. Strategic Alignment: Alignment of IT goals align with the enterprise goals
  2. IT Value: It delivers value to business, increase Org. profits.
  3. Performance Measurement: Its performance is measured // no guessing here
  4. Resource Management: IT resources properly allocated
  5. Risk Management: How the risks being managed
  • Stakeholder values
  • The mission, vision and values of the enterprise
  • The community and Co. ethics and culture
  • laws, regulations and policies
  • Industry practices

IT governance framework:

  • Control Objectives for Information and related Technology (COBIT)
  • Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
  • Val IT


COBIT Framework subdivides IT into four domains

  • Plan and Organize, PO: Provides direction to solution delivery
  • Ask the questions: Is IT and the business strategy aligned and is the usage of resources optimized? Does everyone in the organization understand the IT objectives and the risks? Are these properly managed?
  • Acquire and Implement, AI: Provides the solutions and passes them to be turned into services
  • Ask the question: Will the new projects deliver solutions that meet business needs in time and within the budget?
  • Deliver and Support, DS: Ask the questions: Are IT costs optimized and employees using IT efficiently and safely? Are Security measures such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability in place?
  • Monitor and Evaluate, ME: Ask the questions: Is IT performance being measured to detect problems before it is too late? Are risks, control, compliance, and performance being measured and reported?

COBIT uses two types of metrics


ITIL consists of 5 core strategies

  • Service portfolio management: It is the process of maximizing the ROI while managing risks.
  • Financial management: Evaluates investments in services to assist with strategic decision-making.
  • Demand management: Works closely with the business to identify & understand patterns of business demand.

Benefits of ITIL

  • Improve Resource Utilization
  • Be More Competitive
  • Decrease Rework
  • Eliminate Redundant Work
  • Improve upon project deliverables and time
  • Improve availability, reliability and security of critical IT services
  • Justify the cost of service quality
  • Provide services that meet business, customer and user demands
  • Integrate central processes
  • Document and communicate roles and responsibilities in service provision
  • Learn from previous experience
  • Provide performance indicators


  • ISO 17799 outlines security controls, but does not focus on how to integrate them into business processes
  • ITIL focuses on IT processes/services, not on security
  • COBIT focuses on controls and metrics, not as much on security So, a combination of all three is usually the best approach.

How can they be used?


3. Val IT



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