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A case study of CTO-as-a-Service

What is CTO-as-a-Service?

What problems are solved by the CTO-as-a-Service model?

  • Full-time CTOs are expensive — When you hire in-house, you will increase your burn rate and shorten your runway.
  • It’s difficult to find and retain a talented CTO — There’s a shortage of capable CTOs in the market.
  • Onboarding a new CTO takes time and money — You lose precious time, effort, and resources hiring a new CTO when your current CTO leaves.
  • It’s hard to look for a co-founder who is competent in tech — It’s not easy to look for that perfect candidate with the technical knowhow to move your company into the tech age.
  1. Help kick start the automation process
  2. Build standalone solutions
  3. Enhance existing solutions
  4. Accelerate the building of your minimum viable product
  5. Identify KPIs and create timelines and roadmap
  6. Work within the company’s budget
  7. Facilitate risk assessment and due diligence as part of the GTM strategy
  8. Provide manpower and developers as needed

Who is it for?

  • Know how to get started with digitalization;
  • Understand what type of solutions to use for its unique business challenge; or
  • Choose the solution that best matches its requirements.

CTO-as-a-Service: must have skills in choosing your CTO

Years of experience

Technical expertise

Business-oriented mind


Critical analysis skills

Big picture thinker

5 benefits of CTO-as-a-Service

1. Costs

2. No need to recruit

3. Bigger pool worldwide

4. Independency

5. Enhanced agility

The Privacy Ninja advantage

  • Dedicated hourly consultation — if you just need a quick discussion to validate your roadmap. Choose this to tap on our expertise to get immediate actionable you need instantly.
  • Bespoke CTO-as-a-Service — if you require monthly or longer term engagements from us.



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